Noble M12 upgrades

As we all know the M12 is an extremely fast and capable car as standard but if you would like even more performance we offer a number of upgrades tailored especially to these cars.

Larger Intercooler

The Noble Motorsport Designed intercooler is approximately 30% more efficient than the standard unit and can be fitted to any of the M12 range. Cooler intake temperatures mean your car will always have crisp snappy acceleration ever after prolonged hard driving.(note: requires intercooler box modification to fit)

Turbo Upgrades

A good turbo upgrade for GTO3 and 3r Nobles is to go up to the the Noble M400 GarratT28 turbo. This setup is capable of running 450bhp/500bhp dependant on exhaust,engine condition and mapping. If you want to shoot for over 500bhp we would recommend the GarratGT28/60rs. We dont want to spoil the Nobles engine characteristics and want to keep the power band as broad as possible. With features like Inconel turbine wheel and dual roller bearings turbo lag is kept to a minimum keeping the car very responsive

Exhaust upgrade

The Standard exhaust system is one of the Nobles more restrictive components. The Noble Motorsport designed exhaust system is a direct replacement for 3 litre or 2.5 litre cars, made from 304 grade stainless. All systems are TIG welded for strength and neatness. The exhaust is a full twin system meaning the exhaust gasses from ether head of the v6 are kept separate right to the tail pipe creating superior flow and more power.100 cell Motorsport cats are fitted so MOT time is not a problem. Cat bypass pipes are available for Motorsport use.

The standard exhaust manifolds are prone to fracturing and cracking over time. Noble Motorsport have our own design of manifold in 304 grade 2mm stainless, mandrill bent & gas flowed. Other benefits include a 3mm larger turbo flange to increase the exhaust flow giving better boost response.

* vehicle will require re-mapping after exhaust fitment.