Noble Smart Service Plan                                                          +vat

We understand that servicing your car can be expensive but it is an essential part of maintaining its performance, safety and longevity. If you have an older vehicle that is out of manufacturer’s warranty, or would rather follow an independent service schedule we have our Smart Service Plan.

This extremely thorough service uses high quality non genuine parts and GM lubricants,and has been desighned to meet the needs of your car no matter its age. Whether you want one of our value services or a manufacturer’s specific service, our normal customer care applies. All customers will get: Service book stamped (Indicating whether a “Nobles Smart Service” or “Manufacturers specific service” has been carried out). Reset vehicle service light (where applicable).

A Smart Service starts from £70 and combined with an MOT from as little as £99 making it extreamily good value for money.


  •  Check coolant level and strength, including a top up if required
  •  Top up screen wash
  •  Check for excessive oil leaks
  •  Check coolant hoses for leaks, condition and security.
  •  Drain engine oil and replace.
Semi synthetic oil up to 4 Litres only-£5.50 per litre after. £20 surcharge for fully synthetic oil
  •  Change oil filter
  •  Check for timing belt replacement intervals
  •  Report if spark plugs are due to be changed according to mileage. An additional charge for changing plugs
  •  Check brake & clutch fluid level, including a top up if required
  •  Check all engine covers secure
  •  Inspect exhaust system (including catalyst if fitted) for leaks, security and noise.
  •  Check gearbox and Differential level
  •  Replace air filter at  additional cost
  •  Change fuel filter     additional cost
  •  Change pollen filter additional cost
  •  Change coolant       additional cost
  • Check suspension components for wear and corrosion.
  • Check shock absorbers for leaks.
  • Check steering rack gater condition.
  • Grease steering and suspension where applicable.
  • Check wheel bearings for excessive play or roughness.
  • Check chassis for excessive corrosion.
  • Check and top up power steering reservoir where applicable.
  • Check auxiliary drive belts for tension and condition.
  • Check steering components for wear.
  • Lubricate steering components where applicable.
  • Check steering wheel for free any play.
  • Remove road wheels and grease hubs and nuts.
  • Check brake disks and pads for wear or damage.
  • Remove brake drums and inspect shoes. If new hub nuts required additional cost incurred
  • Inspect wheel cylinders for leaks
  • Check security of handbrake linkages and travel. Lubricate and adjust if required.
  • Replace brake fluid and bleed system.   additional cost
  • Clean out all brake discs and shoes
  • Check brake servo operation.
  • Visually check brake hydraulic system, pipes and hoses for any leaks, chafing and corrosion.
  • Check all exterior lights. Bulb replacements at additional cost .
  • Check dashboard for warning lights. Diagnostic scanner check at additional cost
  • Check horn. 
  • Check security of battery.
  • Check windscreen wiper condition and operation. Replace at additional charge .
  • Check rear wiper condition and operation. Replace at additional charge .
  • Check windscreen for chips and cracks. 
  • Check windscreen washer operation align jets if required. 
  • Check headlamp lens condition.
  • Remove road wheels and grease hubs and nuts.
  • Check tyre tread depth.
  • Check tyre side walls for damage.
  • Check tyre for foreign bodies. 
  • Set tyre pressure to manufactures spec. 
  • Torque wheels to manufactures spec.
  • Remove spare wheel check tyre condition and set pressure
  • Check seatbelts front and rear including lap belt. 
  • Lubricate door locks and hinges. 
  • Check clutch operation. 
  • Check steering for pull / vibration. 
  • Check brakes for pull.
  • Check for any strange noises or driving characteristics.
  • Check gearchang for smooth engagement.