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What's included in our Porsche Servicing?

Noble Motorsport provide a comprehensive range of services exclusively for Porsches in Chesterfield.

Noble Motorsport provides a comprehensive range of services exclusively for Porsches. We work with many different models including the more popular ones such as 911s, Boxters and Caymans as well as many other rarer and older models such as the 356 and the 964 Targa. We have Porsche specific diagnostic equipment alongside a fully equipped workshop, engine build shop, machine shop and rolling road dynamometer.

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Noble motorsport Chesterfield rolling road

Do you have a problem with your Porsche which is proving difficult to diagnose?

Our state of the art rolling road is ideal for simulating real-world driving to rectify faults other garages may struggle to find. We have cutting edge diagnostics too, to help ensure we find the route of your problem quickly and efficiently.

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