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What's included in our Caterham Servicing?

Noble Motorsport have been involved with Caterham for 25 years as such we know these cars from nose to tail and have the passion required to work on these very special vehicles.

We specialise in offering annual Caterham servicing to a number of our clients here in Chesterfield. We also provide our services to a number of Westfield owners. Each customer places a great deal of trust in us when they leave their vehicle to be serviced. We value that trust and are happy to see so many customers bringing their Caterhams back to us year after year.

Noble Caterham servicing Chesterfield

Annual service is our speciality with over 25 Caterham customers plus many Westfield owners also.

Need someone who you can trust to work on your Caterham? We know the Caterham vehicles like the back of our hand and are passionate about servicing them in Chesterfield. We have built many cars and have also done upgrades like our 270 B.H.P. Vauxhall conversion.

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Over 30+ years of Caterham Servicing

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