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What's included in our Standalone ECU Installs & Mapping?

With over 40 years of trading in the motorsport industry, we have been installing and programming aftermarket ECU's since they were invented.

We have done ECU installs and maps for many private customers and companies including Noble, Farbio, Farboud, Raw Striker and Ginetta. We can map all the popular ECU brands including Motec, Omex, MBE, Greddy-E-Manage, Emerald, Syvecs and Simtek to name a few.

Noble Motorsport can take your project from initial consultation to completion all in-house. All ECU programming is done on our 4 wheel drive rolling road to give safe and seamless power delivery.

ECU remapping service Noble Motorsport Chesterfield
Remapping dpf remapping service Noble Motorsport Chesterfield

We can re-map most vehicles both diesel and petrol. The (ECU) electronic control unit is reprogrammed to achieve superior performance, whether it be more power, cleaner emissions, or better fuel efficiency.

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Over 30+ years of Standalone ECU Installs & Mapping

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