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What's included in our Rolling Road?

As RMI Members, our TAT system will monitor fueling, boost, bhp and torque and they can all be plotted onto your graph.

We are one of the few venues for car servicing in Chesterfield that offer a rolling road remap and tuning service. Our Maha Rolling road can perform BHP checks on both two and four-wheel drive vehicles. Our TAT monitoring system will monitor Fueling, boost, bhp and torque in live time and they can all be plotted onto your graph. Our rolling road remaps and tuning services can be applied to almost any vehicle.

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Rolling road classic carburetor Noble Motorsport

Noble Mortorsport don't just work on modern fuel injected vehicles we have a huge customer base of both vintage, classic and carburated vehicles

We've worked on vehicles from a vintage Bugatti type 25 to a Vauxhall Nova 2.0XE we have all the necessary equipment and knowledge to work on carburated cars both road and race. Our Maha rolling road with TAT monitoring systems is the perfect tool for doing jetting and distributor timing adjustments on carbureted engines. We can monitor C.0, bhp and lbf in real time to extract the best drivability and performance from your engine.

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