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What's included in our MOT & Servicing?

Get your MOT & Service in Chesterfield from £99 + VAT!

We maintain all our customers’ vehicles to the highest standards and keep the customer in the loop and in control at all times. Our high-quality servicing will aid the reliability of your car, maintain its resale value as well as enhance your driving experience. Your vehicle will be in safe hands at Nobles we have a dedicated team of technicians, of which some have been with us all their working lives.

Initially, your vehicle will undergo a full-service inspection, whereby the wheels will be removed and all systems will be thoroughly checked over. At this point before any work is carried out you will be contacted and made aware of the manufacturers required maintenance, any additional work and the costs. We will also notify you of any (advisory notes) areas that we feel may require attention in the future. This keeps surprises to a minimum and lets you know your car a little better.

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At Noble Motorsport, we visually inspect your vehicle, checking things like your brakes, lights, tread of tyres and determine whether it meets the road safety requirements stated by the DVSA.

Noble Motorsport offers a free reminder service and will contact you by post one month prior to your vehicle's due date for:

  •  MOT reminding you when your next MOT is required
  • Servicing reminding you when your car is due for its next service

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