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What's included in our Engine Building?

At Noble Motorsport we have a designated clinical engine building room, with 4 separate engine build stations.

Engine building has always been at the heart of Noble Motorsport since the company’s beginning in 1975 as John Noble Engines. Whether you require a refresh on a VW Golf, a full race-engine build or a production run of multiple races or sports car engines, we have the knowledge and facilities to cope.


We have experience in designing and building one-off custom engines fitting turbos or superchargers to normally aspirated units modifying compression ratios and cam timings.

At Noble Motorsport, we also have a designated room for cleaning engine parts with a purpose built 3 stage engine parts wash. We were appointed Noble Automotives designated engine builder for the Noble M12 sports car project and produced over 400 units for them. For this project, we took a standard 220bhp NASP ford v6 unit and modifying the cylinder block with oil spray jets altering cam timing compression ratios and strengthened the whole unit creating a 500+bhp twin turbo engine.

The Noble M12 and its engine proved to be an instant hit with motoring journalists and public alike.

Noble Motorsports in house Maha rolling road dyno means we have the equipment and knowledge to properly set up your newly built engine from initial start-up and running-in, through to full power.

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