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What's included in our Crankshaft Balance?

Restore your smooth, well-balanced engine with our service

At Noble Motorsport, we can reduce the vibrations that may come with an unbalanced engine. Engine balance can be lost due to weight from pistons, rods or if you have your craft shaft replaced. We can rebalance your crankshaft in Chesterfield.


At Noble Motorsport we have a crank balancing machine and can dynamically balance your full engine assembly.

We all know how it feels when a wheel is fitted to a car without being balanced, at low speeds you do not notice it but at higher speeds severe vibrations start to occur. Imbalance’s inside your engine will not only make your car feel rough but in severe cases, internal stresses could actually destroy your engine, a smooth well-balanced engine will last longer at higher revs and be more powerful.

- Front pulley
- Crank
- Flywheel
- Clutch
- Rods
- Pistons

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Over 30+ years of Crankshaft Balance

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